Managing an Equity Portfolio

1). Before getting into equity, pinpoint exactly your appetite for risk.

2). Buy with a margin of safety.

3). Buy with rationale.

4). Spread your buying over time.

5). Hold performance. Reward it with repeated buying, when markets are down.

6). Punish non-performance. Sell your losers when markets are up. Weed them out. Throw them away.

7). Let winners unfold. Be patient with them.

8). When a winner becomes a superstar, ride it till it shows signs of sloth and underperformance.

9). Learn to sit on cash when there’s no value or margin of safety available. VERY IMPORTANT.

10). Know your weaknesses. Be disciplined. Make mistakes, but don’t repeat them. Filter all information, using your common sense. Don’t listen to anyone. Learn to trust yourself.

11). What is your eventual goal? Identify it. I’ll share my goal with you. I would like to hold 20 multibaggers in my portfolio 20 years from now. It’s a tall order. But I’m gonna try anyways. Remember, 1 multibagger is enough to strike it big. I’ll give you 2 examples : Wipro multiplied 300,000 times between 1979 and 2006. Cisco Systems – 75,000 times in I think 12-15 years leading up to the dot-com boom and bust. Before the bust, it gave ample hints of slowing down, so one had enough time to get rid of it. Wipro still hasn’t shown signs of underperformance.

So best of luck, whatever your goals are, but please, know your goals exactly before you play.


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