Wake up Uday!

Wake up Uday!

It’s a whole new world out there. Correction. It’s a whole new financial world out there.

Institutions Finshtitutions. As a retail investor, you have unprecedented rights today, man, so wake up. Nobody can bully you any more. And no one can sell you crap anymore. But only if you wake up to your rights and possibilities.

Gosh, look at the information flow available to you. It’s the same as to your banker, or to your financial analyst. In real time. Whooaahhh. Butterfly flutters wings in New York, you get the resulting price fluctuation on your currency live feed.

And private investment opportunities, they’re available to you now, on a chicken-shit ticket size. And you don’t have to go through any bankers for such investments, you can deal one on one with the private equity house concerned, who’ll gladly reimburse you 2% mobilization fees on your investment, because you’re doing it yourself. Man, times have changed. This is amazing.

Not so long ago, such private investments were available only upon invitation, through some hot-shot banker, for a multi-crore ticket-size. The banker cashed in on a huge deal fees. So, the more the banker sold, the more his bank account burgeoned. Thus, the banker began to sell only for the sake of selling, not for the sake of your portfolio, or for its further diversification, or what have you. Basically, the banker lost focus on you, and increased focus on himself. He didn’t care anymore if what he was selling to you was a bullshit investment. If you weren’t waking up, you were going to get slaughtered because of a weedy portfolio.

Well, you didn’t wake up in time, this time. It took a financial crisis to wake you up. But you’re awake now.

And you’re still lucky, for time is on your side. Not so for the retirees who woke up alongside of you. They don’t have any time left to win their money back and then some. Their financial game is over. And they’ve lost. Badly. Butchered.

Also, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

The financial crisis was one thing, but there have emerged tremendous opportunities in its aftermath. People with liquidity have made a killing. Those who weren’t liquid but simply reallocated their portfolios have recuperated their losses of 2008. And those who have learnt their lessons have started to use their common-sense again while investing their money. And they’re not listening to bankers anymore.

But, alas, human nature is numan nature. People will forget 2008. There will be more financial crises. But for you, these will be opportunities. Because you will not forget 2008. Never. Because you are awake now!


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