The Most Bugging Questions

Where is this market going?

Should one buy xyz?

What kind of volume do you trade?

What are your predictons?

Frankly, wrong questions.

One doesn’t exactly go to watch Formula 1 to then ask how many runs someone needs to make to win, right? Similarly, all the above questions are irrelevant to a trader’s success in the markets.

It doesn’t really matter where the market is going. A successful trade can still be found.

It doesn’t matter what one buys. If one manages the trade well, ultimately and overall, one will make money.

It doesn’t matter what volume you trade, as long as you have a system and stick to it.

And, a successful trader doesn’t predict the market. To succeed in the market, one needs to ask the market where it wants to go, and then one needs to go along with it.

The critically important part about trading is to put one’s money on the line, and to feel the emotional stress in one’s system that goes along with this. One needs to do this again, and again, and again, and that’s how one learns trade management. No books can really teach this. One really needs to go out there and do it.


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