Learning to Fly

Pilots train in simulators.

No point putting many lives at risk by flying a real aircraft without proper training.

A simulator is next to the real thing. Actually, one up, they make these things worse than the real thing.

No such luck in the markets.

However much one simulates the markets, the real lessons learnt come from actual monetary involvement in the markets.

Books, theories, paper-trading, degrees, etc. don’t have it in them. They prepare you for something else, but not for the markets.

The silver-lining here is, that if we don’t want to, there are no real lives at stake here. We can keep it small in the beginning years, you know what I mean?

Small but real losses, leading to big life-time lessons. This would be the ideal result of one’s first few years in the markets.

Yes, it’s actually harmful to deadly for a newbie trader to make hot-shot profits in the beginning without having learnt the proper lessons.

Let’s see you figure out the why for this. No spoon-feeding here, right?


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