Are u a Whiner?

2 quick questions:

Do u play the markets? And r u a whiner?

If your answer to both questions is yes, third question: Do u want to change this condition?

If your answer to this third question is yes, please read on.

Whiners whine. They complain when things don’t go as planned. Also they don’t have any backup strategies. Mostly, they don’t have any front-up strategies either.

So, before moving into any market, formulate your strategy thoroughly. Define acceptable levels of loss. Define a strategy to implement if these levels are hit.

Also define a profit-taking strategy.
Define the tenure of investment.

Basically, define yourself. Have a very clear idea about what your risk-profile looks like.

Play it small initially, till you gain confidence.

And stop whining. 🙂

One thought on “Are u a Whiner?

  1. Losses in the marketplace – happen. One has to accept them. Whining about them costs energy, and leads to negative trading and investment decisions. It’s in your interest to focus on the next market decision fully. Don’t allow your focus to drift onto what’s already over.

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