Why Japan?

Exactly, why Japan?

Twice in 66 years. Holocaust, and now this.

Ok, there’s the seismic blubla. And the Nostradamus stuff. Don’t know what to believe.

And where does something like this leave one’s portfolio. (Sorry, have to ask this question, even at a time like this. It’s purely professional, and perhaps what I’m writing here will help someone.)

In the doldrums.

Unless one bought with a MARGIN OF SAFETY. That’s when one can sit pretty, even during a crisis.

Or, if u are a trader, and are long Japan before such a crisis, where does that leave u?


Unless you trade with a STOP LOSS.

These 2 basic concepts are VERY IMPORTANT. And one only realizes this during a crisis.

I still don’t know why Japan, but am sharing with u what I have learnt.

It’s all a give and take. I have access to so much of free stuff on the web and otherwise in life. So it’s absolutely ok if u get this knowledge for free from me.

However, don’t forget to balance your own equation with nature. Set something solid in motion, for free, for others to benefit from. Balance your equation.

Otherwise, eventually, nature will balance it for you. In a way you might not necessarily like, but will be stuck with.

Don’t wait for that to happen. Balance your equation. Now. 🙂


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