Waking Up

It’s a new morning.

What’s changed?

This: last night, we saw self-belief in action.

Even if it was to be seen in a game of cricket. It was still self-belief. A rare commodity.

MS Dhoni walked in to bat, promoting himself up the order. Very brave. If this would back-fire, he’d never hear the end of it.

The singular thing that shone out in his batting was self-belief. He’d been out of form. His style was unique at best. Nothing copy-book. Just raw belief that he could do it. That he could win it for his country.

He just had one thing in mind: to dominate the bowling and not get dominated by it. And he translated that belief into a match and tournament winning innings of a life-time.

What one takes away from this glimpse of brilliance is that one can win if the desire is strong enough.

One is compelled to carry forward such a feat and translate it into one’s own professional pursuits.

Dhoni won a mind-game yesterday.

Whatever one’s profession is, at first it’s a mind-game.

The battle is won in the mind first. Then it is translated into the physical deed.

On that note, congratulations to the nation, and WELL DONE team India!


One thought on “Waking Up

  1. Unnati Worah says:

    Yes very true indeed.

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