The Willingness to Embrace Risk

Any given market-play can only prove successful if one particular state of mind exists.

I’m talking about one’s willingness to embrace risk.

I mean, one can define risk all one wants, and one can understand it to the nth level.

But is one willing to embrace it?

The answer to this question is the singular deciding factor between a losing market player and a winning market player.

And what does embracing market risk mean?

Setting a stop is a physical act. One can do it mindlessly, without the actual willingness to accept a loss when it occurs.

Embracing risk means the attunement of every cell in the body towards accepting a loss when it occurs.

Accepting the loss and then moving on to the next market-play.
No psychological entanglements, no what-if scenarios, no why’s, no energy drainage due to mourning. Just sheer acceptance of loss. Period.

That’s the state of mind required.

Then, over time, as the sample-size grows, one starts winning.

That’s because one only plays the market with an edge.


2 thoughts on “The Willingness to Embrace Risk

  1. Unnati Worah says:

    Yes, Attunement is the actual word thats important to keep a balanced mind but is not always easy to adapt…. One reaches this level of understanding about the market only with TIME no other method works here. Keep writing…love reading such blogs.

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