You must be Joking, Mr. Nath!

Ok, so there are aliens, so what?

I mean, is that so hard to believe? Which law says that Earth is the centre of activity in this universe?

Look around you. The horizon is full of scams. An honest management is most difficult to find. Honesty and integrity have become alien virtues. Scarce, don’t bump into them in normal life, and you might read an odd story about them in the papers.

So where does this leave you as an investor?

In a dishonest world, one needs to think in a warped manner to make money. You know, “two steps away from the norm” kinda thinking. So if the norm is to buy on a dip, in Kalyuga one waits to buy on a mega-dip. And these have started occuring more often than they used to. 10-Sigma or Black Swan events happen every now and then.

The thing I like about scams is that eventually, they explode. The one scam that is exposed (against the 20 that go unexposed) is enough to hit mass psychology. The common investor starts selling everything, even stuff that’s not affected by the scam. The market as a whole falls, sometimes cracking big.

Since we’re mostly down to buying scam-artist run corporations as investors, above-mentioned crack is the time to buy them, i.e. when they are hit badly. That’s when you are getting good value for your money. That’s when you are getting your margin of safety.

So, wait for the explosion. Buy in its aftermath. The interim period between explosions is to be used to pinpoint what you want to buy with a margin of safety, whenever that margin of safety abounds.

It is entirely within the realm of possibilities to live at peace with aliens. And it is equally possible for an investor to learn to live honestly but lucratively in a world full of corporate criminals.


One thought on “You must be Joking, Mr. Nath!

  1. Uday Nath says:

    Reblogged this on Magic Bull and commented:

    Folks, I am sooo not joking!

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