Options 1.0.2

Options can be approached intuitively. I love that about options.

They carry their own stop-loss with them. That’s the second thing I love about them.

Soon, they’ll be operable from your mobile handset.

I mean, could it get any more versatile?

The voodoo mathematics surrounding options might or might not work. Sheer intuition coupled with a manual stop is another way of doing it.

Yup, one isn’t dependent on the automatic in-built stop in options, though this is a good tool when one doesn’t have access to a laptop. When one does, one can fine-tune the stop manually.

Options are getting more and more liquid in India. Still can’t compare them to the US options scenario, which is a thriving and rollicking state of affairs, but things are setting up beautifully here.

Amidst everything, I forgot to mention that options are a wonderful hedging tool. That’s probably their most important function.


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