Noose Just Tightened

Petrol’s up 5 bucks.

This is gonna pinch the public.

Are we now clear on the fact that a beast is on the loose? And the fact that this beast has been active to hyper-active since World War I ?

This beast is called inflation. The number 1 infectious disease that inflicts modern financial society.

We are going to have to live with inflation. Period.

What is required is long-term policy-making that will minimize the affliction. That’s not happening.

Modern financial policy seeks to avoid an existence where inflation becomes hyper. That would be when food on the table costs more that a cart-load of cash. See Argentina during its currency collapse, or Germany after the first World War.

Let’s assume that human-kind is not capable of making better policies, ones that minimize (let alone eradicate) the disease. Where does that leave us?

What do we do with our money, that’s being eaten away at 8 to 9%, year upon year?

Avenues like fixed deposits pay out lesser after tax than what inflation eats away. The 100 year return in Gold has been 1% per annum compunded, after tax. Only two investment avenues have yielded more after tax than what inflation has consumed over the very long term. These are 1). Property, and 2). Equity.

The writing on the wall becomes clear. To immunize one’s money against the disease, one needs to be invested in one or both these avenues over the long-term. Both avenues come with pitfalls, where one can lose much more than what inflation eats away.

So, one first learns how to deal with the pitfalls, and perhaps one can specialize in either of these avenues, since it is not easy to focus on both.

Then, after having learnt the ropes, one can slowly start salting one’s money away.

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