Time after Time

I know, I know, the title of this blogpost is also a hit-song by Cyndi Lauper from the ’80s. As a kid and entering my teens, a rainbow-coloured Cyndi made an impression.

So, as fragile Miss Lauper with her multi-coloured hair was crooning the song to the top of the pops, the world was coming to terms with the aftermaths of the Iran hostage crisis, the Falklands war etc. etc.

Cyndi didn’t know it at the time, but the track “Time after Time” would go on to become a huge, huge hit, appearing in the sound-tracks of many movies and basically becoming an all-time song.

World makets recovered to the dotcom boom of the 90s. Investors were making the mistake of greed, again, time after time. Scrips with no earnings were selling for hundreds of times the book-value.

Bubbles burst. That’s what bubbles do. In the ensuing mayhem and the fear that engulfed investors, the share prices of capital-gains generating zero-debt companies with regularly increasing dividends and impeccable managements fell drastically too. That’s what fear does, time after time.

As time passes, investors forget their old mistakes. A horde of newbies joins the fray, ready to make the same mistakes of human nature, again, time after time.

Cyndi’s was a love song. It had nothing to do with finance cycles.

It’s title is so compelling though. And, of course, I just love the song.


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