Uncharted Territory : The Tough get Going

These are unprecedented times.

I mean, you’ve got 10-Sigma events occuring at a frequency that’s nobody’s business.

It’s time for the tough to get going.

All other investors are gonna get slaughtered.

So what makes one a tough investor, someone who can take hits and still remain standing?

Firstly, there’s holding power. If you don’t possess holding power, don’t enter the markets.

Then there’s patience. A rare commodity.

Discipline. Play to a strategy. Pick a strategy that’s in sync with your risk profile.

That brings us to the most important point. Know yourself. Know your risk profile. Your strengths and weaknesses. Invest accordingly. This one might take a while.

With time comes the power to pinpoint buying opportunities. Just as the exit strategy is crucial for the trader, the entry point is all-important for the investor.

Wins give confidence to double up on one’s position size.

Sight of one’s goal keeps one away from noise and a dangerous thing called tips.

An otherwise balanced life keeps one occupied elsewhere so that one’s not tempted to try other stunts in the market.

You can complete this list. It’s really not rocket-science.

It’s time for the tough to get going.

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