Enemies of the State

What’s with me?

Why am I coming up with titles of songs or movies as headings for my blogposts?

Well, I need to grab your attention. It’s the age of minute attention-spans. I need to catch whatever window I have to make u interested in reading this stuff.

If investing is your territory, then hurry (which spoils the curry) is the enemy of your state. Innately, you will feel an urge to get into a winning investment. If you can overcome this urge, you’ll have come a long way. You’ll actually make proper investments, at pivotal points on the price versus time axis.

If trading is your territory, the enemy of your state is to be found within too. Here, it’s the lack of willingness to get out of a losing trade. If you can train yourself to cut a losing trade after a stop is hit, again you’ll have come a long way, and your account will reflect good trading profits soon enough.

Slowly, it’s becoming clear that trading and investing are two ends of a spectrum, mirror images with opposite domain rules.

Please don’t mix trading with investing, or vice-versa, or you’ll ruin whatever you are doing.

I’m not saying don’t do both. It’s a free world. Do both. Fine. But confined within separate portfolios please, both physically and in the mind. And slowly, one after the other, till you can handle both ends of the spectrum simultaneously.

Or do you think that you can build Rome in one day?

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