Zoning in on the Zone

What’s your favourite sport?


Ok, let’s say we were watching Babe Ruth hitting a home run. I know, I’ve got this habit of running up and down the axis of time. A little annoying, but please bear with it.

To hit home runs like a Babe Ruth, or for that matter to paddle sweep like Sachin Tendulkar, or to serve an ace like Roger Federer, a player needs to be in the Zone.

So what is this “Zone”?

Imagine a space where you are one with your environment. From within this space, your heightened senses are able to engulf any stimulus and respond appropriately to it as if on auto-pilot. Your reactions to your situation are “ideal”. If a ball is thrown at you, your nervous system motors your bat with perfect angle and speed to respond to the ball in a winning fashion. It’s as if your system is one with the trajectory of the ball and is anticipating its angle and speed. Such a mind-body space is called the Zone.

The Zone is multi-dimensional in nature. Beyond length, breadth and height, the Zone spans the dimension of potential. The Zone is capable of whizzing your mind-body continuum up and down the axis of time in a flash to select the best possible response to any and every given stimulus.

So how does one get into this Zone? If it were that easy, each one of us would be a Babe Ruth, or a Sachin Tendulkar, or a Roger Federer or for that matter a Warren Buffett. Obviously, getting into the Zone is privileged.

Practice helps. Immense practice. Of course talent has to be there. But what is talent? Nothing but the expression of latent potential accumulated by the mind-body continuum at an earlier point in its existence. And when the mind-body continuum accumulates potential, it has to work very hard for it. Nothing comes for free.

And is someone who has entered the Zone able to stay in it forever? Nope. Entering the Zone takes a build-up. Then in a flash one is in till external circumstances disturb one’s focus, which is when one is out of the Zone.

So what’s this got to do with the markets?

Well, try trading the markets from inside the Zone and you’ll see.

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