Your A-Game and the Broker’s Pitch

There’s a threat to your A-game.

If you don’t have the proper mechanisms in place, it can get mixed up with your broker’s pitch.

Your broker, poor fellow, is only trying to make two ends meet. His or her salary is coupled to turnover. Therefore, his or her sales pitch is programmed to maximize turnover.

Turnover does not necessarily enhance a good A-game. It figures nowhere in the top three aspects of trading, i.e. entry, management and exit. Please don’t spend any more time thinking about turnover.

Tune out your broker. Just press mute on your trading system. Nowadays, this is easy. You can do this by trading online instead of through the phone.

Even while online, go straight to the trading platform instead of the tips section. Tune out your broker, man. He or she exists in electronic form too. Tune him or her out.

For a better A-game, decouple it from your broker’s pitch.


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