Fine-Tuning the Need for Action : A Dialogue

It’s a multi-tasking world around us.

Things move.

We grow up with a need for action. Some with less need, some with more. Nevertheless, this need for action is here to stay.

And with this highly individualistic need for action, we enter the market.

So when does the conflict arise?

When one’s innate need for action is lesser or more than one’s market activity. Then, there’s imbalance, leading to market mistakes.

So how does one strike balance?

By fine-tuning one’s market activity with one’s need for action. These two need to be in sync for balance to exist.

And what kind of market mistakes is one looking at if imbalance exists?

Well, overtrading for one. Then there’s missed exits, early entries, missed stops, chart-related over-interpretation etc. to name a few.

And what was the key again, for striking this balance you are talking about?

Experience. There’s no substitute for experience. You’ve just got to go out there, put your money on the line, and trade. Ultimately, after some years, you strike balance.

And that’s it, is it?

Nope. Once you’ve struck balance, you need to maintain this balance.

That must be easy, right.

On the contrary, maintaining balance is one tough cookie. Here, everthing comes into play. Your family situation, relationship tensions, worldly problems…everything’s waiting to throw you off balance.

Man, sounds tough.

Naehhhh, you take it as it comes. One gets knocked off balance at intervals, and then one has to just find it back. It’s called Life.

And what’s your market activity like when you are off balance?

I’ll tell you a secret, listen up. When I’m off balance, I don’t trade.

Must be tough, going cold turkey, just like that?

Naehhh, it’s defintely better than the mistake-laden trading plays that one makes when off balance.

Oh, right.

Off with you, then, I’ve got work to do.

Ok, thanks and bye.



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