This is what it sounds like, When Kings Whine

Back in the ’80s, musician genius Prince released the multi-generation blockbuster hit “When Doves Cry”. The song was unusual for its time, in that it gave R&B and rapping a pop twist. When something makes an impact, it sticks. The masses latch on.

The sound of whining coming out of Washington at S&P downgrading the US is something new. One’s not heard them whine before. It’s sounding unusual, but it’s provoking anger and dismay worldwide, and these feelings are catching on. S&P’s indication of further future downgrades are making the whining worse.

When Kings whine, their public loses faith in them. This new sound from Washington is dangerous for world markets. One likes to believe that one’s King has backbone. With that, one’s willing to die for one’s King. Which is something one is not willing to do for a spineless King. In that case, one would rather change one’s King.

If some resemblance of “spinefulness” doesn’t emerge from Washington very soon, the move from the Dollar to Gold is going to escalate even more.


One thought on “This is what it sounds like, When Kings Whine

  1. So the analogy 🙂 I just hope we don’t have to change our king..fingers crossed!

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