Doofenschmirz Evil Incorporated Finds No Takers

The Government of India has been just about getting everything wrong. It’s been a long time since they did anything right. Have they gotten anything right since coming to power? Don’t remember.

Confidence in India as an investment is sinking, perhaps temporarily. My gut feel says that fund managers worldwide are dumping India for the time being, till some semblance of sanity returns to stay on the political front.

Today, there is danger of riots and looting breaking out, if Doofenshmirz Evil Incorporated (the Government of India has earned that name, hasn’t it?) doesn’t tackle the current impasse properly.

To say the Rahul G was off the mark is an understatement. Apart from that, the husky delivery of his words added to the ridiculousness of the situation. He might as well have delivered his words in Doofenschmirz’s German accent.

I don’t think this is the right time to buy India. Of course I might be wrong.

Going by the goofy deeds of Doofenschmirz Evil Incorporated, there might be a huge buying opportunity setting up in the weeks to come.


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