There, I’ve done it again.

Done what?

Endgame, you know, Samuel Beckett, theatre of the absurd, blah blah blah, siphoned off the title in typical UN style.

I don’t think Beckett was absurd at all. Rather, the absurd mask was absurd, but perhaps absurdly necessary.

Well, isn’t this the Endgame? Physically, politically, and, last but not least, financially.

For me, it is.

If it’s not the Endgame for you, please wake up. Which world are you living in? I mean, are you blind?

Play it like you’d play an Endgame. Give it all you’ve got. If you don’t do justice to this mother of all Endgames, my friend, you really are wasting your incarnation.

And, if Beckett wouldn’t mind that I’ve siphoned off his title, well, neither should you.


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