One-Pointedness Finds its Niche

At a certain stage in our market careers, the words “sounds like a plan” echo within the walls of our minds.

To reach this stage, individuals need to cross activation-barriers and pass tests. How many depends upon the individual.

These words are for those of you who have reached this point, or are in the process of doing so.

So, after suffering many losses and learning many lessons, suddenly, our market strategy becomes clear to ourselves.

And then, once one’s path has been painstakingly chalked out, one needs to follow it one-pointedly.

From this point onwards, all that’s required is sheer one-pointedness.

This focus of energy would be a waste if attuned to implement a faulty and immature strategy, and would lead to insolvency.

On the other hand, if this focus and burst of energy is utilized to push through a mature plan which is in sync with one’s risk-profile, then, dear friend, you are staring at financial independence in the face.

All the best!


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