Happy First Birthday, Magic Bull !

It’s been one year!

Writing’s been fun. Didn’t do it for reward, but there’s been a nice reward.

The flow of words through the system clears and solidifies concepts in one’s mind. Writing evolves the human being.

As I’ve said earlier, this blog helps balance my equation with nature. It’s a “give-back”. One has access to so much free stuff in life that one’s life-equation would remain unbalanced if one didn’t give some free-stuff away. That’s not to say that this blog absolves me from any other charitable duties that I consider worthy.

So, we’ve been through a lot. We’ve touched on many aspects of investment and trading. What’s stood out is the psychological angle. The central focus of the blog has been the human being. We’ve really spent a lot of energy analyzing risk-profile and one’s psychological approach to the markets, haven’t we?

All for the good. First up, markets are a psychological game. After that, fundamentals and technicals fine-tune the approach.

Another thing you needed to take away from the journey so far was the singular importance of money-management and the lack of its proper teaching in our society. It’s not taught in school. College teaching about finance is failing. Look around you. Must be the fact that professors lecturing on the subject have no street experience whatsoever, of course with very few exceptions. We’ve established the fact that parents need to first achieve mature money-management standards themselves and then they need to pass these on to their kids.

For us, street-smartness has been the name of the game. One’s actual money needs to be on the line, to learn this street-smartness. No bookish knowledge is of any help. That’s been one of our thumb-rules.

We’ve spoken of human capital and hedges, and have brought the machiavellian character of Mrs. Market to life. She’s a far cry from that boring fellow, what was he called…Mr. Market of course, with no disrespect to Ben Graham or to Warren Buffett.

We’ve met people like Mr. Cool and Mr. System Addict. There were Jimmy Bean and Jackie Daniels. These people have taught us. Even Disney’s hysterical villain Doofenschmirz made an appearance. The Ponzi scheme was deconstructed. El Helicoptro Ben Bernanke wasn’t spared. Nor was financial academia.

We’ve taken grit from the world of sport in an effort to channel it into our market-approach, and have studied whatever avenue we felt would add to our winning approach.

Thanks for riding with me this far. Please remain with me. I like your company and your comments.

On that note, happy first birthday, Magic Bull !

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