What Are We, Really? (Part 2)

Negligence to the extent of culpable homicide not amounting to murder…

That’s the charge against the directors of AMRI hospital.

Papers say combustible waste was stored in the basement, which caught fire, resulting in mass carbon-monoxide poisoning through the A/C shaft, apart from the deaths due to fire.

Short cuts and lack of common-sense have become a way of life with us.

What are we, really?

A large bunch of idiot citizens? What kind of a hogwash country do we live in? Is anyone going to take India seriously for a longish period of time?

There are periods of performance, but eventually, the cracks in our system show up.

Negligence. Corruption. Apathy. Policy paralysis. Etc. etc.

What results for India is a volatile performance graph, with back to back upticks for some years in a row, till the cracks erupt. Then there are some big-time back to back downticks. India’s economic performance graph is the epitome of volatility. It is a trader’s dream.

India is not going to be a uniform ball game for a long time, till the India Inc. – Bharat divide is somewhat bridged and till the cracks are tackled intelligently and with resolve.

Till that happens, just sheer trade India, way up, way down. Trade, trade, trade. Treat India as a trade.

We live in a land of contrasts. Its political graph will thus show big contrasts, and so will its business graph.

India might not deserve to be invested in because of the above-mentioned cracks, but it definitely deserves to be traded.

In fact, it is literally screaming to be traded.


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