What’s your Value to the Planet?

Nothing’s forever.

That applies to the Dollar too.

Let’s be very clear in our minds, that the Dollar is not going to rule the roost forever.

Nothing has.

Is the US showing the fundamentals that would allow the USD to hold its position for even a decade?

I don’t think so.

The policy to print notes and to throw them from a helicopter on top of any problem or issue is long-term detrimental to the Dollar’s fundamental value.

Eventually, fundamentals shine forth. What’s true is true, and eventually, the truth is recognized.

What then?



Has been adopted before.

What speaks against it?

Gold’s too bulky. Can’t carry it around.

So what? Store it in a bank, and carry its value on a credit card, ready to be spent.

There could be Gold wars.

Aren’t there Dollar wars? Oil wars? So fine, there will be Gold wars. Tell me something new.

Gold reserves are limited.

Hmmm, after all the world’s Gold has been mined, what then?

Actually, why do we want get into this rigmarole in the first place?

How about this?

What’s your value to the planet?

Can it be translated into a point system at any given time? Can the points be carried around on a credit card, ready to be spent?

Why not?

Your blog gets a hundred clicks today, so big brother adds a hundred value points to your value point (VP) account, redeemable through a carry card, or an iris-check, or finger scan or what-have-you.

You do community service for five hours @ 50 VPs an hour and scoop up a cool 250 veeps (= VPs).

What? You invented a breakthrough technology? You get it patented through big bro, and everytime anyone uses it worldwide, 5 veeps are transferred to you. For life. You’ve made it big.

You manufacture gambols? Every unit sold fetches you 2 veeps. Oh, you’re making wimlets for 5 veeps a piece, are you?. Dragloons for 20? Hamlins for half a veep?

A burger costs one-fourth veep, and a round of groceries can set you back by up to 10 VPs.

You’ve got to keep them VPs going. If you’re clever, you’ll do something that keeps the veeps coming in on auto-pilot, so that you can focus on something new, to achieve another breakthrough elsewhere.

Dr. Dracula charges 2 veeps for a blood-test. He does 10 blood tests a day for free. Big B rewards any pro bono activities with bonus veeps. Doc Dracula doesn’t mind.

Professor Loo Sing Mind delivers lectures at 50 veeps a shot. He also lectures at the community evening school twice a week. Bro wanted to reward him 50 VPs per community lecture. Prof forwarded the reward veeps to the “food for the poor scheme”.

Herr Wasser serves water at the factory all day. He earns an eighth veep for every glass served.

Miss Gour May owns a restaurant. Any food that’s left over is distributed to the hungry. BB is not leaving any form or service unrewarded. Miss May earns an extra 100 veeps a month from the state for being an exemplary citizen.

Mrs. Sprint Fast is a national athlete. For every international race she wins, there are 50,000 VPs waiting. Her olympic gold medal got her a million veeps from benevolent big brother. When she retires, she’ll take up sports journalism @ 50 veeps per two hours of coverage or per article.

Mr. Poo R. Man is a beggar. The state shuns him. There’s no way for anyone to transfer even a single VP to him. He can only be given physical food and clothing by charitable people. He soon decides to quit begging, and joins community school to learn a craft. His studies are funded by the state. Citizens are free to donate veeps to various schemes run by the state. Community school is one such scheme.

Dr. Savio Planeto is a research scientist who works for the Climate Change Foundation. He is paid 1000 VPs for every day of research. Any breakthroughs will be rewarded extra, and befittingly. His summa cum laude on his Ph.D. earned him a million veeps from the state.

Miss Bee Keaney walks the ramp for 2000 veeps a go. 25 assignments a month keep her account flooded.

Mr. Keep D. Law is a government servant in the justice department. For any papers that he pushes through on time, there are 50 veeps waiting for him. Any slacking means no VPs. If a case is closed, he gets 500 veeps if he has a role in the case’s paperwork. Thus, the state encourages him, a small cog in the wheel, to push cases towards closure. Imagine, then, the efficiency of this state. Also, there’s no way any citizen can pass on a VP bribe to Mr. Law. It’s just not possible without anybody noticing. So it’s not done. Result is, that the government servant focuses on efficiency to ramp up his VP account.


Within a few minutes, we have been able to conjure up a whole new currency system that functions on the basis of one’s value to the planet.

If we can do this within minutes, why can’t the world work towards it in the next twenty odd years?

Of course it can.


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