The Road to Greatness

” time goes by

so naturally

while you receive

infinity “

– (Guru Josh Project).

Are you systematic? Punctual? Disciplined? Persevering? Large-hearted? Do you think out of the box?

All of the above?

Relax. You are already on the road to greatness.

So what if the world hasn’t recognized you…yet?

Why do you want the world to recognize you?

Why does the world’s opinion of you matter to you?

Why do you need a stamp of approval to feel you’re on the right path?

Frankly, if you’re treading a new path, where no person has gone before, well, then, nobody’s qualified enough to give you that stamp of approval.

Right, the road to greatness is paved with identity crises.

Greatness is achieved, if you do something differently, and do it well. With the passage of time coupled with your perseverance, you discover and outline a new dimension in your field. You’ve struggled along the path, because it’s a new path, with no roadmaps. People have made fun of you and have ridiculed you, because you are different, and refuse to conform to a norm set by “average” society. Exactly that’s the struggle.

Averageness is comfortable. For greatness, one needs to pull the extra distance.


Because one is not average, one needs to discover who one is. This happens along the path.

The path to greatness is not comfortable.

Nevertheless, it is enjoyable.

Yes, after a while, struggle starts to get enjoyable, once you become used to it. You start enjoying being pushed to your limits. The biochemistry of your body’s peak-performance state can actually give you a huge kick, as in a “high”. Try and stay there, as long as you can. This “high” is only happening to you. Stay there, as “(the) time goes by, so naturally, while you receive … … infinity.(Guru Josh Project).

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