Danza Kuduro x Gangnam Style = Indian Political Circus

Can you ignore the circus around you?

Sooner or later, you’ll need to learn how to.


Because growth is where we are.

And, growth is dying in many parts of the world.

So, why do you need to ignore the circus?

To focus. The circus won’t let you focus properly.

And why do you need to focus?

To take advantage of the growth around you.

Growth is a coveted commodity, remember that.

One could say that you are lucky to be born in an area showing growth. You are in demand. People from other parts of the world want to participate in any available growth story. These are competent people, selling highly developed technology and expertise. They deserve to participate in growth stories, why not? The question here is about you.

Are you able to make the most of your times, and that too – ethically?

Then forget about the circus.

The circus won’t let you function ethically.

You need to learn to function despite the circus.

Welcome to the world of minimal exposure. At times, you will need the circus, since it controls the machinery of your system. That’s about it, that’s your minimal exposure. No more exposure than what is absolutely required – these are golden words summing up your policy of minimal exposure.

And you are totally going to succeed despite minimal exposure – many have done so already, so why should you be an exception?

The quality of success that emerges, after having followed a policy of minimal exposure, is sweet. It’s a no-strings-attached kind of success. It is lasting, and brings peace and exhilaration. Definitely worth striving for. So, circus shmirkus, don’t even bother, just go for it, and make the most of the growth happening around you. Because of your ethical angle, I wish even more, that you succeed.

All the best! 🙂

Going Legit in the Times of Robber Vodka

A good, clean, healthy and tension-free life – don’t you want that for your children and families?

Right, people, go legit.

It is possible, despite the Robber Vodkas, the Call Muddies and the Rama Lundgren Rajus of our times.

The first step is going white.

Go white, people. Declare your assets, pay your taxes, just sheer refuse to deal in black money as much as you can, and for heaven’s sake, start cutting out unwanted people dealing in black from your lives.

Second step – avoid people wearing whites. 98%+ of male folk dressed in whites in this country are either inactively or actively politically connected. In the process, you might pass up on the 2% genuinely good ones in whites, but you’ll have avoided all the ones you want to avoid. Political connect in India will not allow you to go legit. People hook up with politicians for favours, and / or because they feel that in their hour of need, their political clout will save them. Did you know, that for the one favour, your political connection will make you do ten illegit things in reciprocation, stuff you’d never dream of doing normally. Ask yourself. Is the trade-off really worth it? No, right?

Then, avoid dealing with people who use body-guards. I mean, use your common-sense. There’s no reason to shun a benevolent, well-known corporate honcho with or without body-guards, like Anand Mahindra for example. You’ll learn to recognize shady honchos. There’s that feel about them, that mafioso vicious vibe. If you can sense that vibe in a honcho, don’t deal with that person. Forget about the profit you’re losing out on, and look at the level of tension and complication you’re avoiding.

Don’t deal with people promising stupendous returns. Nip the Ponzis in the bud. Dealing with a Ponzi will eventually land you in court, to get your money out . Believe me, you don’t want our super-efficient judicial system messing up your life, if you can help it.

Be firm while dealing with any government officer. The government officer will only start to misbehave if there is any weakness from your side. Remember, a government officer is supposed to serve the nation. His or her salary is paid from the taxes you dish out. If your dealing is clean, the official could harass you for refusing to bribe, but that’s about it. Take the harassment, but keep coming back till your work is done. We need to stop bribing. Then, and only then will government officers eventually stop expecting us to bribe.

Right, we’ve pretty much cut ourselves off from a lot of people and things, so where does this leave us?

Don’t worry, we are not alone.

There are like-minded people around, and we need to make these like-minded people a part of our lives. Yeah, and we can lead good, healthy lives with such people surrounding us.

Also, don’t for a moment think we can’t do anything for our country, just because we’ve nixed the political linkage. Private opportunities come along everyday, to help people and society. If you want to still make a difference, grab these opportunities. Poor people come to you for medical aid. Help them. You can contribute privately to social-welfare. Many private citizens are running clean NGOs. As the name suggests, these NGOs have no government involvement, and are less likely to be corrupt. Funds donated to clean NGOs will very likely reach disaster areas on time and in full.

You can make a difference, all by yourself. You don’t need a corrupt government to make a 20-odd% difference for you per unit of currency you trust them with, as tax or whatever. Yeah, only about that %age gets converted into welfare; the rest is nibbled up along the way.

Make a difference – all by yourself.

What are you waiting for?

Clean up your act, go legit.

It’s not going to cut you off from any good, clean and healthy action.

Trust me on this.

It Started With A K.I.S.S.

In the year 1982, the band Hot Chocolate churned out a hit called “It started with a kiss”. The number hit the top ten. Whenever this song played during the span of the 80s, entire dance floors used to get the hint.

Well, unfortunately, the K.I.S.S. we speak about is a little different.

Ours is a formula.

Expanded, our formula stands for “Keep It Simple (Stupid)”.

Nevertheless, for us too, it all starts with the formula of K.I.S.S.

In the world of finance, we apply this formula everywhere. We don’t leave home without it. Anything that doesn’t conform to our formula is booted out of our lives.

For example, how diversified are you?

Are you so diversified, that you don’t know where which investment of yours is? That’s like way, way off our formula trajectory. Please lessen your level of diversification, such that you have all your investments on your fingertips.

Or, is your prospective investment product’s math complicated enough for you, such that you are not understanding the product fully? Leave the product alone. Again, it does not lie on the trajectory of our formula.

Then, is some investment officer talking razzle-dazzle lingo, trying to psyche and bulldoze you into an investment? Please show him or her the door. You got it. Eliminated by our formula.

Is some promoter’s lifestyle very sophisticated and complicated? Think twice before buying into his or her company, because the sophistication with all its complications is (with very high probability) being financed by company money, at the cost of all shareholders.

How many financial advisors have you got? Why do you even need financial advisors, when everything is available to you on the Internet? Is a financial advisor going to share the pain of your investment loss? Of course not. You are going to bear that pain fully. Therefore, once you yourself get going, the quality of investments you decide upon for yourself are going to be better than those selected by an investment advisor. You know yourself better than an investment advisor does. He or she doesn’t possess the power to understand and define you better than you do yourself. So, simple, do it yourself. Since any resulting pain is yours, you’ll try to avoid all pain, at any cost, and after a few hits, you’ll eventually start doing it well. You won’t sink, you’ll swim, believe me. Once you get the hang of it, staying above water can be simple. There’s nothing complicated about it.

I mean, we can go on here. Yeah, like we can go on K.I.S.S.ing here…, but I’m gonna stop, because I think you’ve got the message.

On that note, cheers, and here’s looking forward to keeping it simple…and not stupid.