Two Minutes of Freedom

Why have you come?

Meaning, why are you here? What’s the purpose of your earthly sojourn?

Do you want to do something new?

No? How boring is that?

Why would you just want to live and leave with nothing original to your credit?

At times, I feel the urge to discover something earth-shaking.

Don’t you?

I mean, don’t you want to go where no human has gone before?

Whether we are successful or not is not the point.

At least we possess this desire.

And that’s where freedom of thought comes in.

You are born free, to think.

No one can steal that freedom from you, even in the worst conditions of bondage.

Use your freedom.

Think freely, even if it’s for two minutes a day.

Lose all shackles, as a rocket in space loses a burnt surplus engine. Define your own path, and think freely on that path. Develop it, bit by bit.

Slowly, your thought will take form. A whole system of work will emerge. Keep developing this.

Your system will take you places. For example, if you’re playing the markets, it’ll win you money.

It is new, it is original, it is your system, and it can well take you where no human has gone before.

Well done, keep going … … and it’s all happening because of the two minutes of freedom you allowed yourself.

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