The Ideal Entry

What kind of destiny do you prefer?

A scenario where you know the game, and are a champion, with people gloating over you, and where you balloon into over-confidence, only to blow up big?

Or a situation where you are uncomfortably stuck with your surroundings, and make mistake after mistake in an effort to stay afloat, until you start understanding, then mastering and finally manipulating your environment towards mega-success?

What’s that? The latter?

Congratulations. You’ve chosen the path of pain. Temporary pain, but still pain. Pain pains. That’s why it’s called pain, and that’s why it is a pain. It has one basic characteristic, though, which most of us need to understand. Slowly but surely, the human being is capable of becoming immune to small levels of pain. That’s all it takes to win in the markets.

Why didn’t you choose the former path?

Did you know, that given a choice, most of us choose the former (“smoother”) path?


That’s because when we’re given the choice, the part about ballooning into over-confidence, only to blow up big is purposely left out. That’s the portion one needs to intuitively identify on one’s radar and then avoid, if one is able to remain in one’s senses and is not drunk on fame. The test portion, aha. There needs to be some test in life. If there’s no learing / evolution, what’s the point of the path anyways?

You didn’t choose the former path because its demon was disclosed to you.

Did you for one moment stop to think, that the second path also discloses its demon to you, but only partially? To balance things out, it also discloses the reward. What it does not spell out for you is the big IF in the middle. IF as in – IF you manage to stay afloat after making mistake upon mistake,  until you start understanding, mastering and finally manipulating your environment towards mega-success…


The thing about this second path is, that you are on high alert from the beginning. You are getting hit, again and again, and it’s a battle for survival. You are evolving. You are in a great position to intuitively identify and understand the big IF, because, as I said, your senses are on high alert from the beginning. And that makes you fight even harder – no one wants to go down without a fight, right? When you’re in a do or die thing, and your hands and feet are moving to stay up, nature itself starts fighting for your survival. Your odds of making it improve tremendously. After making it through, you know the game by the back of your hand, and can go on to manipulate it to your benefit from there.

There’s another thing about this second path, and of course nobody tells us this. After you’ve won the first leg, the second path becomes the first path.


Also, there’s another thing about the first path too, which again nobody tells us. After one has lost on the first leg, the first path becomes the second path.


So, what’s the ideal entry into a career in the markets?

The second path, obviously.

Make mistakes, make many, many mistakes, and make them when you’re a nobody. These will be small mistakes. They’ll hit you, but you’ll keep surviving them. Your market play will get bigger and bigger. You might even become very wealthy and famous. At that stage, the cost of a mistake will be big. If you’re drunk on your fame, there’s a huge chance of you blowing up.

Thus, an ideal entry into a career in the markets is the second path without the “getting drunk on fame bit”.

Believe me, you don’t wanna blow up. Blowing up brings baggage that lingers. Highly avoidable.

In the end, if you’re on the second path, and if you do become wealthy and famous, you are not going to get drunk on fame. Period.

And, if you’re on the first path, please come down from your high horse to properly approach each new trade with your full capability, with confidence but not over-confidence, and without feeling greater than God.

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