The Path

You’re just two steps away…

… from success in finance.

Don’t follow anyone.

Use your common-sense.

That’s all it takes.

Use your nose to sniff out trouble.

Use your eyes to identify Ponzi billboards, with promises of 12%+ returns. Use your hands to push away the Ponzis, or your feet to kick them out of your office.

Shut your ears to the external world. No tips, no rumours. Use your ears to hear the sound of your own intuition. Yes, use them to hear your inner voice. Correct, this is about you. You and only you bear full responsibility for your finances and well-being.

As and when you identify the taste of success, you might realize the following.

Success doesn’t taste sweet without appropriate struggle. To really know, feel and retain something, the human being must know and feel the opposite pole first.

What matters in the end?

Meaning, after you’ve gotten your success, and are sitting on top of things?

Yeah, what matters then?

Any ideas?

The path you took. That’s what matters.

Your path has shaped your soul.

Success is a mere statistic.

The real game was played on the path.

Did you enjoy the path?

Did you enjoy it despite the struggle?

Did it challenge you?

Did you learn something?

Did you grow?

Did you stop to smell the flowers while on the path?

Did you help others who were struggling with their paths, even as you were coming to terms with your own path?

Did your path fulfill you?

Did it give you the feeling of “Yes, I’ve done something”?

Did it make you happy?

These are the factors that really matter.

They make your grade in the path called life.

Enjoy your path. It’s nature’s gift to you, whereas…

… success is a mere statistic.

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