… … please don’t … … reinvent the wheel … …

… it’s just a request.

You’ll be doing the world a favour.

You’ll utilize your time to do something new, something unique.

You’ll be doing yourself a favour too, therefore.

Stand on the shoulders of giants who’ve come before you. It’s absolutely ok.

Many giants have come and gone, intellectual ones, spiritual ones, geniuses, you name it. They’ve come, fulfilled their purpose, created something new, helped mankind further, and gone.

It’s your turn.

You have a choice.

You can either choose to do the same old same old, perhaps with a twist, maybe a little better, and can perhaps make an extra buck in the bargain.

Or, if you can afford the struggle, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially, well, then, you can choose to drive the wheels invented by former giants to a new destination.

Please choose the latter path if you can.

Please end your journey as a giant.

Why do I insist?

We are at a crossroads. It’s a make or break situation for Earth. New and innovative contributions will see us through and onto a safer trajectory. Our current trajectory is not looking great, to put it mildly.

If it’s possible for you, please end your journey as a giant.

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