Power of the Word


I’ve spoken to you about words before. 

I’m doing so again, because words are so important. 

Your words are you – your energy. Use them to do good. 

When you have something to say, please say it. Words stifled inside become toxic, and bring you illness. Set them free. You’ll feel light. Your energy will move and shake the world. Don’t worry about results. You have given freely. That’s what counts. 

Giving creates vacuum. 

Vacuum attracts flow.

Good things will flow towards you – very soon. 

That shouldn’t be the main reason to write, though. 

It definitely isn’t my main reason for writing. 

I write because writing fulfils me. I enjoy writing. I get a kick. I feel free. It’s my passion. 

The flow I speak about above is just a by-product. 

Another phenomenon occurs. It’s interesting. Let me tell you about it. 

Writing clears up thought process inside your system. You understand your world better. Concepts get converted into DNA. Writing evolves you. 

There is no doubt in my mind that words are mightier than the sword. 

Words can be used to do maximum good – or maximum bad.

The human mind is capable of the highest and the lowest. 

Words can save life, and make it more beautiful. 

Words are capable of adding very high quality to life…

… and that’s how we plan to use them.


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