From Laptop to Mobile – Are You Making the Shift?

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Buzz-words, people.

I mean, like, are you with it? Are you moving with the times?

Or, are the times leaving you behind?

Laptops still have their uses, no doubt.

For example, I enjoy typing on a laptop. On the cell, it used to be a pain…, till word-pattern recognition software came along. Meaning, the more you write, the easier it is for the app to recognize, understand and digest your style. After that, you type one or two or three letters, and most of the times, the correct word-option is auto-typed for you. Couple this with slide typing, and your mobile typing speed really increases. Laptop-typing is still more fun, though.

Your cell-phone is with you, anytime, anyplace, always. You can aim and shoot Google Goggles at anything you don’t understand. With camera resolutions improving drastically, casual photograpy is now a mobile domain. Notes on the go are the ultimate boon. And contacts, whoahhh, talk about life-histories of contacts, all at your beck and call. Your contacts auto-update, of course, with your Gmail or what have you.

With internet speeds becoming more and more comfortable, you can just about do anything, anytime, anyplace, all on your cell-phone, and that brings us to the next question.

Is it over for the laptop?


Of course it’s not over for the laptop.



Ease when using, as in comfort-level?




Charts – market-charts, Astrology-charts, chemical-spectra?

Theses? Would you not be more comfortable compiling a thesis on your laptop?

Multiple-interconnected-document-usage? As in, for example, a 20 – spreadsheet Excel document?

You see, there are some things one is just more comfortable doing on the laptop. Tablets / smart-phones don’t fill the gap for many things, and printing is, as of now, one big such thing.

It ain’t over for the laptop, by a long-shot.

Where does that leave you?

For heaven’s sake, use both, as savvily as possible.

Both have now cornered their niche-segments. Use each device for its particular niche-segment.

Yeah, swing both ways to get maximum utility mileage.