Happy Second Birthday, Magic Bull !!

Seasons change. So do people, moods, feelings, relationships and market scenarios.

A stream of words is a very powerful tool to understand and tackle such change.

Birthdays will go by, and, hopefully, words will keep flowing. When something flows naturally, stopping it leads to disease. Trapped words turn septic inside the container holding them.

Well, we covered lots of ground, didn’t we? This year saw us transform from being a money-management blog to becoming a commentary on applied finance. The gloom and doom of Eurozone didn’t beat us down. Helicopter Ben and the Fed were left alone to their idiosyncrasies. The focus turned to gold. Was it just a hedge, and nothing but a hedge? Could it replace the dollar as a universal currency? Recently, its glitter started to actually disturb us, and we spoke about exit strategies. We also became wary of the long party in the debt market, and how it was making us lazy enough to miss the next equity move. Equity, with its human capital behind it, still remained the number one long-term wealth preserver cum generator for us. After all, this asset class fought inflation on auto-pilot, through its human capital.

Concepts were big with us. There was the concept of Sprachgefühl, with which one could learn a new subject based on sheer feeling and instinct. The two central concepts that stood out this year were leverage and compounding. We saw the former’s ugly side. The latter was practically demonstrated using the curious case of Switzerland. There was the Ayurvedic concept of Satmya, which helps a trader get accustomed to loss. And yeah, we meet the line, our electrolytic connection to Mrs. Market. We bet our monsters, checked Ace-high, gauged when to go all-in against Mrs. Market, and when to move on to a higher table. Yeah, for us, poker concepts were sooo valid in the world of trading.

We didn’t like the Goldman attitude, and weren’t afraid to speak out. Nor did we mince any words about the paralytic political scenario in India, and about the things that made us go Uffff! We spoke to India Inc., making them aware, that the first step was theirs. We also recognized and reacted to A-grade tomfoolery in the cases of Air India and Kingfisher Airlines. Elsewhere, we tried to make the 99% see reason. Listening to the wisdom of the lull was fun, and also vital. What would it take for a nation to decouple? For a while, things became as Ponzi as it gets, causing us to build a very strong case against investing a single penny in the government sector, owing to its apathy, corruption and inefficiency. We were quite outspoken this year.

The Atkinsons were an uplifting family that we met. He was the ultimate market player. She was the ultimate home-maker. Her philanthropy stamped his legacy in caps. Our ubiquitous megalomaniac, Mr. Cool, kept sinking lower this year, whereas his broker, Mr. Ever-so-Clever, raked it in . Earlier, Mr. Cool’s friend and alter-ego, Mr. System Addict, had retired on his 7-figure winnings from the market. Talking of brokers, remember Miss Sax, the wheeling-dealing market criminal, who did Mr. Cool in? She’s still in prison for fraud. Our friend the frog that lived in a well taught us about the need for adaptability and perspective, but not before its head exploded upon seeing the magnitude of an ocean.

Our endeavors to understand Mrs. Market’s psychology and Mr. Risk’s point of view were constant and unfailing, during which we didn’t forget our common-sense at home. Also, we were very big on strategy. We learnt to be away from our desk, when Mrs. M was going nowhere. We then learnt to draw at Mrs. M, when she actually decided to go somewhere. Compulsion was taken out of our trading, and we dealt with distraction. Furthermore, we started to look out for game-changers. Scenarios were envisioned, regarding how we would avoid blowing up big, to live another day, for when cash would be king. Descriptions of our personal war in Cyberia outlined the safety standards we needed to meet. Because we believed in ourselves and understood that we were going to enhance our value to the planet, we continued our struggle on the road to greatness, despite any pain.

Yeah, writing was fun. Thanks for reading, and for interacting. Here’s wishing you lots of market success. May your investing and trading efforts be totally enjoyable and very, very lucrative! Looking forward to an exciting year ahead!

Cheers 🙂

The Concept of “Sprachgefuehl”

That’s a German word. And it’s deep.

Literally translated, “Sprachgefuehl” means “feeling for language”. In practical terms it would mean / entail achieving fluency in any language by getting a feel for its structure.

Life has a language.

Everything that makes up life has its own micro-language. All the micros add up to the macro.

Most of the time, we are stuck in the micro. We learn many micro-languages. With some, we experience difficulty. Ultimately, either we swim or we abandon the micro-cause.

Learning and expertise of these micro-languages makes up life for us as a whole. In our current multi-tasking scenario, flexibility and efficiency is required. To tackle this, there’s no better concept to implement than the concept of “Sprachgefuehl”.

Sprachgefuehl involves plunging in, as in immersing oneself into the thick of things without bothering about formal training. For a limited period, one takes in an overdoze of the micro-language. The idea is to allow one’s system to start speaking the language on auto-pilot. If there’s danger of sinking, one can always abort, but, as another German saying goes, “what doesn’t kill only toughens u up”.

The learning process is enhanced by one’s mistakes. Because of not adhering to boring, attention-deficit causing formal rules, many mistakes are made. Believe me, these very mistakes are your best teachers. The learning they impart is priceless and irreplaceable.

Why am I going on and on about this?

What does this have to do with the markets?

In fact, everything.

Sprachgefuehl involves getting into the Zone to be able to anticipate the movement and structure of a language.

Getting into the Zone is what its all about. We are able to reap profits from Mrs. Market because we are able to get into the Zone. If we lose that ability, Mrs. Market manhandles us. Period.

Sprachgefuehl keeps our instincts sharp. It’s great Zone-practice. Whatever you are doing in life, you can use this concept for entry into and proficiency at life in the Zone.

With that, any kind of market-play will also come naturally to you.